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SealPro Bloemfontein is pleased to provide the best commercial and house painting and waterproofing services to your specific neighbourhood in and around Bloemfontein. We service the following areas:

  • Brandwag
  • Ehrlichpark
  • Heidedal
  • Bainsvlei
  • Fichardtpark
  • Gardeniapark
  • Langenhovenpark
  • Helicon Heights

Why SealPro Products & Services

At SealPro, we know that finding the right team for your waterproofing or painting project can be overwhelming. With our professionals by your side, the process will be easy and convenient — leaving you time for what matters most.

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Waterproofing and House Painters in Bloemfontein

Waterproofing systems used by SealPro Bloemfontein are some of the leading waterproofing solutions available on the market in South Africa.

SealPro products have the ability to stop leaky home syndrome, which has become an increasingly common issue in the South African building industry. A leaky home can lead to all sorts of serious health issues for families. There is nothing worse than a cold, damp home that affects the health of your children, especially over the cold winter months.

Why choose SealPro Bloemfontein Waterproofing?

Whether you are building, extending or repairing, you can rely on our team for the correct diagnosis, the best products and skilled workmanship.


Here at SealPro Waterproofing, we are committed to giving our new and existing customers the best home repairs service in Bloemfontein. We can manage your project from start to finish, ensuring the result is within budget, on time and exceeds your expectations.


With our approved waterproofing and painting applicators we strive for perfection on every job we do. SealPro Waterproofing is committed to producing the highest standard of workmanship and always giving 200% to achieve this.


We pride ourselves on efficiency and providing stress-free solutions to clients. Keeping clients well informed of the progress of the project at every stage is important to us. We endeavour to be on time and complete the job within the agreed timeframe.


We can even tailor packages to suit our customers’ needs and budgets. Our years of experience in the trade helped us establish a trusted network of subcontractors. We assure you that SealPro has the resources to offer waterproofing or paintwork to the package to give you a great deal.

Trusted Residential and Commercial Painters and Waterproofing

At SealPro we are value-driven and service-oriented. We offer our clients a worry-free and easy property improvement experience delivering the fresh, clean and watertight exterior you are looking for. We value your time and appreciate the opportunity to serve you. Schedule a free estimate today.

Professional Waterproofing & House Painters In Bloemfontein

When you need house painters in Bloemfontein to get your project done with speed and quality, you can count on us. We're SealPro Bloemfontein, and we're creating happy customers in Heidedal, Bainsvlei, Bayswater, Brandwag, Ehrlichpark, Fauna, Fichardtpark, Fleurdal, Gardeniapark, Generaal De Wet, Langenhovenpark, Helicon Heights and Bloemanda with our one-of-a-kind waterproofing and innovative painting services.

No job is too big, or too small, for our friendly, applicator teams. When it comes to painting, we can paint a single wall, a couple of rooms, or your entire house. We work with homeowners, business managers, and landlords who need fast, reliable painting services.

Our waterproofing systems are also second to none with proven systems for every application, whether it is to waterproof your roof, slab or balcony we’ve got you covered.

Our Painting Process

Here at SEALPRO BLOEMFONTEIN, we believe you should know exactly what your painting project will cost before you commit to having the work done - that's why we provide free, detailed quotes that include all the professional labour, tools, materials, and high-quality paint needed for your job.

Our friendly, experienced estimator will come to your home or business to discuss what you'd like to have painted, review any special preparation (like removing wallpaper or caulking windows), and help you pick your paint colours.

If you decide to hire us, we'll work with you to find a time that fits your busy schedule, and we'll be sure to call close to your project date to make sure your plans haven't changed.

Full-Service Painting In Bloemfontein And Surrounding Areas

We’re not messing around when we refer to ourselves as a full-service waterproofing and painting company. We handle preparation in advance by covering your large items, taping around window and door frames and even repairing minor damage to walls as needed.

Eco-Friendly Products

We're committed to protecting you, and the environment—that's why we use only low-VOC and VOC-free paints and waterproofing products here at SEALPRO BLOEMFONTEIN. When you hire us to paint or waterproof your home or commercial property, you won't need to worry about noxious fumes or leave your windows open for days after we leave. It's just one more way we're creating happy customers!

Schedule a SealPro Bloemfontein Painting Contractor Today!

If you're ready to schedule your quick, professional, and free onsite evaluation, contact us online or give us a call today. We respect your time as much as you do, which is why you get the results you expect in a timeline that's unexpected. Contact us today to find out more!

Professional Waterproofing and Painting

At SealPro we utilise a wide array of high-quality industrial-grade waterproofing, paints and materials, each carefully matched to the application and intended lifespan for maximum cost-effectiveness. Our main objective is to provide you with the best value possible, by providing a range of coating system alternatives and the information you need to make an informed decision.

House Painting

Whether your home requires a full repaint, trim painting or something like that in between, we're able to accommodate a number of demands from interior and exterior painting to roof coating and maintenance.

Commercial Painting

We provide professional commercial painting services with minimal disruptions to your customers, tenants, or business operations, utilizing the latest technology and highly skilled commercial painting professionals.


Our waterproofing systems can be applied directly over torchon and rubberized bitumen. The seamless waterproofing system can also be used on all types of roofs, balconies, concrete slabs, parapets and ridges.

Learn more About SealPro Bloemfontein

Our reviews and social presence speak for themselves, At SealPro Bloemfontein we offer house painting, commercial painting, roof painting and waterproofing services to homes and businesses in the area.

SealPro Bloemfontein will be offering waterproofing & painting services to the greater Bloemfontein service area including the following areas:

Heidedal, Bainsvlei, Bayswater, Brandwag, Ehrlichpark, Fauna, Fichardtpark, Fleurdal, Gardeniapark, Generaal De Wet, Langenhovenpark, Helicon Heights & Bloemanda.

Our Waterproofing and Painting Services

We offer a variety of waterproofing, painting and home improvement services to homes in Pretoria, Centurion, Midrand & Johannesburg. See below for our full list of services offered to the areas.

Torchon Maintenance

Renew or maintain your current waterproofing system without removing it. The Armtec Renew system has excellent adhesion and can be applied directly over existing waterproofing systems. The Armtec Renew system can be applied directly onto bituminous substrates or existing torchon membrane. Surface will not delaminate when correct application procedures has been adhered to.

Roof Slab Waterproofing

The seamless eco-friendly concrete roof slab waterproofing system from SealPro Coatings can be installed on new and existing roof slabs. The waterproofing system is a high-performance universal waterproofing system specifically developed for long term protection. Applying the SealPro waterproofing system will guarantee a seamless waterproofing system that is UV resistant and durable.

Balcony Waterproofing

Balconies, like all other parts of a property, require waterproofing. Whether the balcony is constructed using a concrete slab or timber, if water has penetrated the top surface, it will find or cause weakness. This will result in water damage to the ceiling or walls below. The solution to this problem is to waterproof the balcony. Explore the Armtec under-tile waterproofing systems for more information.

Tile Roof Waterproofing

The tile roof waterproofing system is used to waterproof roof ridge, valley, flashing & parapet walls. The system will seal your roof and help protect against leaks and weathering. The tile roof waterproofing system is UV stable, weather-resistant, durable, long-lasting and low maintenance.

Metal Roof Waterproofing

Our approach to restoring and waterproofing metal roofs offers a long-term solution, with no exposure of brittle materials to the elements, providing you with a leak-free roof for years to come. The waterproofing system can be used to seal ridges, valleys, joints, overlaps & screwlines.

Ponds, Dams & Reservoirs

The waterproofing system can be used to seal ponds, cement dams, water features, birdbaths and fountains. When fully cured the waterproofing system forms an impervious, flexible and aesthetically pleasing waterproofing membrane which enhances the look of the pond or water feature.

Damp Proofing

The use of a quality waterproofing system is essential if you want to preserve the water-tightness of the building envelope. Depending on the damp proofing requirement and site access, positive or negative waterproofing can be applied. Whether it is a new structure or a refurbishment, we offer a solution to suit your needs and budget.

SealPro Bloemfontein did an amazing job. The workmanship was superb and I definitely felt that I got great value for the money spent. If you are looking for a company that understands waterproofing and painting I highly recommend SealPro Bloemfontein.

- Laura W., Bloemfontein, FS

Waterproofing Products by SealPro Coatings

Explore the waterproofing products offered by SealPro Coatings below. Products available nationally.


HydroSeal HF is a high-performance UV resistant universal acrylic waterproof coating.


HydroSeal is a high-performance UV resistant trafficable acrylic waterproof coating.



Flex is a highly elastic one-component waterproof copolymer emulsion.

Penetrar - Multi-purpose Concrete Primer & Binding agent


Penetrar is a multi-purpose co-polymer ready-to-use concrete primer & binding agent.


DampEnd is a two-part, polymer-modified cementitious waterproof slurry.


Repello enhances concrete, mortar and plaster mixes. Can be used as a modifying admixture.




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